July 18, 2014

Aaron Carpenter

Ever hear of Aaron Carpenter?

Apparently millions have. We had not heard of him until we were called and asked to help with his brand. We gladly obliged. Aaron is one of a handful of -according to Entertainment Tonight- “influencers” who have built huge followings on social media through the likes of Instagram, Twitter and Vine and now travel across the country to different events where they sign autographs and get their pictures taken with swooning Tweens who simply cannot get enough of them. This article in Gawker will explain (attempt to explain?) more about this incredible subculture that is taking off. Our branding process has begun with Aaron including a behind the scenes video of his Nashville photo shoot we did with our friends at Jackson & Co., which is nearing 100K views at the time of typing. We’ve also created social media graphics and cover art for Aaron’s SoundCloud singles.