So Delicious from Daily Planet ltd. on Vimeo.

We were asked by our super talented friends at Daily Planet Ltd. to help them out with the copy for a beautiful explainer piece for the progressive thinking brand, So Delicious Dairy Free.

A spot we did that focuses on, well, something we shouldn’t really be focusing on.

The fine folks out at the Marathon County Solid Waste Department needed a way to guide the customer on what to expect and give them a hint as to what they may see when they arrived at the facility. They figured a sweet “How To” type of explainer piece would do the trick. We agreed.

The Village of Weston needed a piece to explain their new single stream recycling program to residents. This is what we came up with.

We’ve been busy shooting a bunch of video content for Ruder Ware in the last year. One of the latest pieces to go up on their YouTube Channel is Lane Ware speaking about how important it is for a company like Ruder Ware to support the arts in their community.

Our clients at the Assisted Housing Risk Management Association formed a new entity and needed to get the word out in their industry. With their new insurance program, they’re able to get “Between you and the bad stuff.”

We wrote and produced this “explainer video” for the online start-up If you are a small business, go and get some small business insurance. Why? Because this is big for small business.