One of the first things we knew we had to do when we opened shop almost 5 years ago was…work. Produce something. Both of us being animal lovers, we set up a photo shoot for the local humane society and came up with a campaign based on the fact that while there is quite a negative perception about the brand (a place where animals go to die, it’s a shelter, beaten and tortured, etc.), it’s a place where some amazing things happen between humans and animals. We figured we’d focus on that angle and create a “graduation” type of feel for all the adopted furry and feathered ones. This campaign is the result. It began with the logo and lead to the graduation poster. We hope someday they will be able to run the outdoor and the basic print, as it packs some positive punch. They have successfully used the graduation angle in their social media channels and are one of the most socially engaged brands in the region.

FINAL_LOGOGraduation PosterbusterfififluffyHSMC Print Ad

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