Marathon County Solid Waste – Print Campaign

Though not the sexiest sounding client or service on our roster, we find when you work with like-minded people you can make good things happen. We began the campaign for the Marathon County Solid Waste Department – you’re “What Do I Do With…?”  experts – with a photo shoot and things took off from there. The original work was focused on the fact that people accumulate a lot of “stuff” and the MCSW is there to tell you where to put it. The initial ads looked something like this:


The campaign then extended into the trade show world where the fine people representing MCSW were sporting these t-shirts, standing in front of 8′ banners handing out stickers and post cards:

MCSW t-shirt


As the summer months approached the client wanted to attempt to do a campaign around something most everyone is familiar with but wouldn’t really find themselves talking about at any given point in time. You know, those blue things. Where you throw your bottles and cans when you are done with them at parties? We think the campaign turned out pretty well for focusing on blue things where you throw your bottles and cans.