The Barbershop – Campaign

The Barbershop, A Hair Salon for Men is based in Appleton, Wisconsin. They have 20 plus locations in 4 states and are growing at a rapid pace. The challenge to keep up with their growth when it comes to branding is a difficult one but falls perfectly within our capabilities.

We began the branding with some direct mail and point of sale material in the salons:

The Barbershop "Unibrow"The Barbershop "Reunion"

The next phase in the campaign was to hit multiple markets with the same radio campaign, maintaining that brand consistency across Wisconsin, Minnesota, Indiana and North Carolina.

“Coupon” – The Barbershop, Radio

“What’s the Catch?” The Barbershop, Radio

The next step was to build an outdoor presence so this billboard went up along the interstate with simple, to the point messaging.



TV followed the radio and maintained the same brand voice, albeit attached to moving pictures.

The campaign then turned to digital content where we continued the same look and feel but provided their online fans a little extra nugget.